I am a recording and mix engineer working out of Found Soundation in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.
I play bass for Superbloom and Bartees Strange.
Former owner/operator of Pineapple Records.

I’d really like to work on your next record. Contact me here.



Night Surf - The End of The World With…, Engineer (Wiretap Records)
Superbloom - Leash, Engineer, Mixing
Hakusho Demon - Dreamt Blue, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Surf Thugs - Too Easy, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Bartees Strange - In A Cab, Mixing
Cold Wrecks - This Could Be Okay, Engineer
Tidal Life - Do Answers Come in Dreams, Drum Engineer
’The PMA Effect’ Audiobook - John Joseph, Audio Editor
(Equal Vision Records)
Brad Digiorno - Rum Cake (Trouble in Paradise), Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
The Sons of James - Brand New Day, Engineer
Sik Oheso - Bad Tide, Drum Engineer
Blk Galaga - Onward and Downward, Engineer
Good Looking Friends, Superbloom, J.R. Rhine - Nosebleed 10, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Jerusha, Samantha Anne (Answering Machine), Early Riser - Nosebleed 9, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Pasha, Jonathan Hernandez (Timeshares), Jane Wiseheart (Hard Pass) - Nosebleed 8, Mixing, Mastering
Clayton Douglas - Like a Fire, Engineer, Mastering, Bass
Clayton Douglas - Make Nice, Mastering
The FoxFires - Matchless Part Two, Slowdive, Engineer
Horizon Problem - Furiosa, Pick A Halo, Engineer
Bright Green - Nosebleed EP, Engineer
GrandCru - GrandCru EP, Engineer

Superbloom - No Requests, Engineer, Mixing
Stay Inside - The Sea Engulfs Us and The Light Goes Out, Engineer
(Old Press Records)
Cold Wrecks - Crossing Sign, Engineer
Future Teens, Spirit Night, Leight Blumer - Nosebleed 7, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Bay Faction, Riverkeeper, A Day Without Love, Nosebleed 6, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Rachel Lightner, Hi Ho, Fear Not Ourselves Alone, Nosebleed 5, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Empire View - Apogee/Perigee, Mixing, Drum Engineer
Stay Safe - Loser, Engineer and Mixing
The Sons of James - Ghost EP, Engineer
Kissing the Klepto - Why Bother?, Engineer
Night Surf - Enemies, Engineer
(Wiretap Records)
Lizzie No, Wishmonger, Hard Pass, Christina Graham - Nosebleed 4, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
The Welzeins - Powwow Sessions, Engineer, Mixing
Raising Cadence - Powwow Sessions, Engineer, Mixing
Typhoid Rosie - This is Now, Vocal Engineer
Nervous Dater - Freya Wilcox and The Howl, Steve. - Nosebleed 3, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Calendar Year - Cactus Bouquet, Engineer

Night Surf - Blasted!, Engineer
(Aces and Eights Records)
Losing Streak - RLS, Engineer
Calendar Year - Jazz Cats, Engineer
(718 Records)
Couch Jackets - Sonic Tea, Mixing, Mastering
Bonzai Florist - Lost in a Paradise, Mixing, Mastering
Stay Safe - Hotel Pools, Engineer, Mixing
(Pineapple Records)

Henrietta - The Trick Is Reimagined (Acoustic), Engineer
, Mixing, Mastering (Animal Style Records)
A Wolf in The City - HEAVY, Engineer
(Pineapple Records)

Othello - A Decade Awake, Engineer, Mixing, Drums, Bass

Stay Safe - The Only Constant Is Change, Engineer
American - Demo, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering

Taller Than Our Soul - Vultures, Bass